Twitter Discover

   The Twitter application has constantly renewed itself with its quite different interfaces since the day it was first used. The application, which also competes with many social media in this sense by activating the story feature, aims to have a pleasant time for users from all walks of life. Twitter users can follow the posts and retweets of the users they follow in their own streams. It is possible to see what a friend you follow wrote and liked by browsing your home page. Apart from that, if you want to meet new people or have an idea about the most talked about topics, you can also use the twitter explore tab.
   We can say that simplicity and simplicity are at the forefront of the Twitter application. There are four main buttons on your home screen that will direct you to your inbox, notifications, homepage and discover page where you can follow the agenda. The button, which appears in the form of the search button, also allows you to access the twitter explore section. Topics or hashtags, about which the most tweets are created, are located in the twitter explore section. By clicking on the hashtags here, you can easily access the tweets related to the relevant topic. In this way, you can follow the hot agenda and the latest developments quickly. The three dots to the right of the agenda topics allow you to control the topic headings. By clicking on these three dots and ticking the "I am not interested" option, this topic will be deleted from your list. By renewing this area, it becomes possible to reach new agenda topics.      Again, by clicking on the same three dots, you can mark the topic as harmful or spammy, and help twitter to investigate the topic.     

   Another piece of information you can access via the Twitter explore area will be new contacts recommended to you. In this section, you can be suggested to people who are following your friends or who are on your phone list. In this way, you can easily access the profile information of people you know and establish connections. When you follow more people in the Twitter application, it is possible to view more new tweets on your homepage and feed. By following the accounts opened on behalf of institutions and companies, you can closely follow the news and agendas about them.


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